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My name is Monik and I am a “child” of this system, as I grew up watching my parents solve the problem of damp walls and help people.

My parents invented this system when I was still a child. As a child, I observed what was happening, visited the facilities under rehabilitation, was mischievously curious and happily watched the good results, because I felt a great need to help people even at an early age. We carefully supervised our work, monitored the facilities where the treatment was implemented, and in all cases found that our method of drying was sound, successful, and ensures lifelong drying.

During the last 15 years, I have been perfecting this system. I have studied and researched modern solutions and technologies that would further improve the system. And today I can proudly offer the best solution for capillary rising damp – the MOXTURE system. 


Everyone deserves a healthy and quality life, so we strive to make it possible for everyone who needs it.

We are aware of the importance of a healthy living environment, and we are aware that our health comes first and is paramount. Unfortunately – or fortunately – we also found ourselves in a living environment where we had a problem with damp and mould, so we are aware of this problem.

Our business dates back more than 35 years, when it all started. Throughout these years, we have written many stories of success, and – to our delight – have eliminated damp from many facilities and had many satisfied and happy customers.


Our goal and vision is to eliminate damp and consequently mould from all homes, businesses, schools, kindergartens, and all other buildings where this problem exists.

As a result, resolving problems of dampness has become our passion and our mission.

We are also aware of the problem of global warming. Given that damp buildings require much more heating or cooling than dry buildings, we see a solution here as well, as our solution reduces harmful emissions.


As we are also ecologically minded and do not support the use of chemicals, we are looking for ecological solutions for the whole problem, which are healthy for us, animals and for our planet.

Breathe in a healthy and cosy home, and say goodbye to damp for all times!


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